4-group.jpgNutra Luxe MD, a Research and Skin Care Manufacturing company has announced the release of the most advanced line of Anti Aging Cosmeceuticals on the market today. Nutra Luxe MD PLUS, sets the standard for the next dimension in Anti- Aging Skin Care.

Through the process of micro encapsulation of all ingredients, Nutra Luxe MD PLUS has optimized the effectiveness of the ingredients by preserving their maximum potency right up to the second they touch the skin for maximum treatment performance. This is a significant improvement over the vast majority of products on the market today that mix active ingredients into creams containing almost 50% water. That not only lessens their performance over time, but it can also cause their chemical structure to change and disintegrate due to the incompatibility of some of these modern active ingredients.

MICRO- ENCAPSULATION also enabled us to ELIMINATE all PRESERVATIVES, PARABENS and other CHEMICALS as well as CRÈME FILLERS, STARCH, EMULSIFIERS and STABILIZERS for a HEALTHIER and BETTER product. This process also makes NUTRA LUXE MD PLUS products the only true enhanced ALL NATURAL skin care products available today.

Treat your skin with the ONLY TRUE ALL NATURAL ANTI- AGING skin care product line from NUTRA LUXE MD.

NutraLuxe MD