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Do brown blotches mar your otherwise nice complexion? Hyperpigmentation (brown blotches, dark spots) affects everyone, regardless of age, skin type, or color, and is caused by acne, sun exposure and/or hormones.  But don't is on the way!  Here are the best solutions for every age on how to prevent and repair its effects:


Get Brighter Skin…..20's Start Early:

DARK SPOTSYour face is still taut, but that doesn't mean you're not noticing pigmentation which can reveal itself in freckles, post acne marks, or melasma due to pregnancy or oral contraceptives. I recommend for your home skincare routine products with Vitamin C as the key ingredient and always wear sun protection during the day even if it's a cloudy day. My customer product picks: Theraderma Vital Silk C Serum - Provides an invisible shield to protect the skin from damage caused by the environment. Theraderma Sun Protection Cream SPF 30 - Moisturize and protect your skin from sun damage all in one cream.

Get Brighter Skin…..30's Don't Stress:

brown spots

Hyperpigmentation is often stress related – constant hurrying and worrying (your kids, your job, your hectic schedule) are often the culprits. And habits like picking pimples or scratching can also cause brown spots. Best to target trouble areas with a skin lightening ingredient like  Vitamin A. My customer product picks: Theraderma Vitamin C Serum - This antioxidant fades patchy dark pigmentation and protects the skin from sun damage and premature aging.

Get Brighter Skin…..40's Reverse Damage:


By this age, many women are off the pill and finished having kids, so the wild fluctuation of hormones and melasma are under control. In this decade, choose all-over brighteners to even skin tone and break down unwanted pigment. My customer product pick: Theraderma Skin Refining Concentrate.  This powerful complex of Vitamin A, C, E refines pores and promotes a more even skin tone.

Get Brighter Skin…..50's Go For The Glow:

fine lines

Menopause affects the skin the way oral contraceptives do: the ups and downs of hormones can leave you with pigmentation problems. Since skin can also become dry and sensitive and appear dull at this stage, look for products containing arbutin, licorice, and antioxidants, which help halt excess melanin production and promote radiance. My customer product pick: Theraderma 24 Karat Gold Suspension Serum. Another reminder keep sunblock on all day. 

Get Brighter Skin…..60's Be Gentle:

exfoliate dead skin cells

At this point, women are at a higher risk for discoloration if they take anti hypertension medication, which can heighten sun sensitivity, or estrogen, which has the same skin dangers as the Pill. So be extra vigilant about applying sunscreen during the day along with soothing anti aging brighteners.  My customer product pick: Theraderma Instant Oxygen Revival Mask.  Revives dull, tired skin leaving it clean, soothed, glowing and refreshed.

Tips For Best Results for All Ages Using Skin Lightening products………..

Get Brighter Skin Tip #1: 

Prepare your skin before applying a skin lightening serum or cream by exfoliating (remove surface dead skin cells) at least twice a week. This will allow the skin lightening serum or cream to penetrate deeper and be more effective. Product Pick: Volcanic Origins Face & Body Ash Mineral Clay Mud Mask.

Get Brighter Skin Tip #2:

The most important skincare part of skin lightening is to always wear sunblock during the day even if it is overcast. Without sunblock you will be wasting your efforts using a skin lightener.


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